BeamIO’s GasMaps is the only automated aerial & mobile gas detection and monitoring solution that measures and processes in real-time.

Gasmaps: Proactively Detect, Quantify, & Monitor

No need to send samples to a lab or wait for data to be plotted into a static PDF. With BeamIO’s end-to-end GasMaps solution, you can rapidly deploy, track, analyze, and report results via our fast and secure TileDriver platform.

Odor Surveillance & Monitoring

Detect risks earlier.

The accuracy of BeamIO’s Odor Detection & Monitoring enables precise measurement of H2S levels. Our innovative solution allows for quantified, not subjective, baselining, and risk mitigation effectiveness.

Human-based measurement is subjective and the nose cannot accurately perceive large changes in H2S.

BeamIO delivers precise visualization at incredibly low cost.


CH4 (Methane) Detection & Monitoring

Rapidly track and analyze results.

  • Higher Fidelity Measurement - 25X increase in measurement density
  • Cost Savings - ~$12 per acre saved compared to traditional methods
  • Reduces Time - ~93% reduction in collect time vs. handheld measurements!
  • Safety Improvements - Increased operator safety with drone measurement by removing need for technician to walk potentially dangerous open landfill site
  • Off-site data management

CO2 / NO2 / SO2 (Air Quality)
Detection & Monitoring

Effectively monitor air quality.

  • Emissions Inventory
  • Air Pollutant Management
  • Air Quality and Ambient Monitoring
  • Occupational Exposure Assessment
  • Abatement Solutions

Additional Services

We leverage cutting-edge remote sensing technology to solve complex challenges in landfill, waste, and other commercial & industrial sectors.

Data & GIS Map Visualization

  • 3D, 2D High-Resolution Maps
  • GIS Layer Integration
  • Hexagonal Heatmapping
  • Pipeline & Wellhead Overlays
  • Infrastructure Overlays

Land & Water Inspection Services

  • Vegetation Analysis (NDVI, Crop Health)
  • Water Analysis (Standing Liquids, Rainwater, Leachate)
  • Soil Analysis (Erosion, Low Soil Coverage)

Location Surveying & Siting

  • High-Resolution Imagery
  • Vector Layer Integration (Pipelines)
  • Boundary & Distance Calculations
  • Volume & Area Calculations
  • Infrastructure Planning & Placement

Operations & Asset Monitoring

  • Waste Monitoring (Content Placement & Volume, Cell Growth)
  • Asset Tracking (GPS enabled Assets, Track Dirt Movement)
  • Area & Perimeter Monitoring

Making Actionable Intelligence Easy.

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