Fast-deploying solutions that save significant cost while innovating end-to-end processing of aerial, satellite, or drone data.

Gasmaps Benefits

Good Neighbor Status

Avoid large-scale public complaints, corresponding county & state fines, and operational shut-downs.

Lawsuit Avoidance

Protect against million-dollar class action lawsuits before they happen and maintain good-neighbor status.

Cost Avoidance

Reduce Capex & Opex costs for odor abatement, chemicals, equipment, and leak-detection efforts.

Minimize Gas Loss

Pinpoint placement of pipe and wellhead infrastructure to maximize gas to energy or offtake revenues.

Employee Safety

Increase safety by utilizing aerial & mobile remote sensing methods instead of walking in dangerous environments.

Cut Decision-Making Time

No need to send results to a lab or wait for image & data processing. Get your intelligence in near real-time to make decisions.

Dynamic Intelligence Solutions


Capture. Analyze. Share.

Reduce Operating Costs

Save and avoid significant capital and operating costs.

Track investments

Optimize, track, and monitor investments more accurately.

Visualize the Unseen

Leverage remote sensing advances to visualize the unseen.

We Are Changing the Equation

We transform raw data into intuitive and auditable results, to efficiently solve complex problems and to, most importantly, derive actionable intelligence.

Unlocking Hidden Value

We seek to use science, technology, intelligent effort, and simplicity to bring trapped knowledge to the forefront to improve the world.

Applying Simplicity

We apply simplicity to everything we do - including how we treat our customers, and how we deliver our strategies, solutions, and results.

Improving the Whole

We use the big picture to grasp what's really happening, and then use that knowledge to make things better than they were before.

Making Actionable Intelligence Easy.

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